15.8. Live @ Hafen Open Air

Don’t miss our show at the great Hafen Open Air festival in Vienna at Alberner Hafen!
15th of August, 5 pm! No entry, just good music and fun(k)! Get gordopac(t)!


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Live @ Prater Riesenradplatz

The next opportunity to get gordopac(t) is on the 22nd of November at the Prater Wintermarkt Opening at Riesenradplatz with Special Guest Big John!
Showtime: 7 – 8:30 pm! Don’t miss the party! Free entry!


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Making of „Get down“

We had a great time at the music video shoot of „Get down“. The single and the music video will be released in the middle of November. We can’t wait to show you the result!

Special thanks to Chris Novak for the „making of-photos“

Making of "Get down"

Credit: Chris Novak

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New Live Video online!

Here is one of our new songs „Get it to workin'“ live at Donauinselfest in June!
If you like it, please like & share it! Enjoy the music!

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We made it! Thanks for your support!

Yeah! The crowdfunding is over! We’ve got the money for the new album!
Thanks to 34 people who supported us with a lot of money!! It means a lot to us! You’re great and you’re a part of the new Gordopac album!

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Wanna be a Gordopac supporter?

Dear friends & fans of Gordopac! WE NEED YOU NOW!
We have a lot of new songs and stuff and we would like to record a new album so we can share our music with you guys! We only want the best quality for the music and so we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign at startnext.de !
If you like what we do and you want to help us to make our dream come true and record the new album then go to www.startnext.de/gordopac and support us! We have prepared a lot of „gimmicks“ and „thanks“ for you. Take a look at it and if you feel like – be a Gordopac supporter!
Thank you so much! You can be a part of a greeeeeeaaat and funky project!
It’s up to you!  Have a great time and stay gordopac(t)!

Here is the teaser video on youtube:

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Live @ Event Café 28th of May

Mel Verez & Gordopac @ Reigen-58

Groove is in the house again on the 28th of May at Event Café!
Don’t miss our double feature with a great hip hop/RnB band „Captain Hot Dog Sauce“ !
Doors: 8:30 pm / Start: 9 pm /Gordopac stage time: 10 pm
Where?: Opernring 6, 1010 Wien
Entry: 10 euro

Be there if you want to shake & sweat and check out the new club in town!


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