5 years GORDOPAC special @ Reigen

Thanks for coming last night!!! We had a great time with you guys! Let’s get gordopac(t) the next 5 years! Thanks to the photographers Chris Novak, Wolfgang & Pamela Jaafar and Helmut Edinger!
We hope to see you at our next show at Ost Klub on the 26th of April! It’s soulsugars birthday bash and we will perform at midnight for you!!!

Mel Verez & Gordopac @ Reigen-125

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5 years anniversary

That’s the way we did it …5 years….and that’s the way we will always do it….

In April 2009, 5 years ago, we founded „Gordopac“. After playing many gigs, recording and publishing 2 albums and 1 catchy single it’s time to celebrate Gordopacs 5th anniversary!
A big thanks to our band members, supporters, friends & fans and everyone who bought and shared our music and showed up at our concerts!We will celebrate this special event at Reigen on the 17th of April (Vienna Blues Spring) and play a big show at 10 pm with special guests Shelia Michellè (SoulDeep) and Big John Whitfield on vocals.
We hope to see many of you there to have a big party with us!
If you buy a ticket for this show you will get a signed copy of our first album „The Way I Do It“ for free at our concert! (Click on the link to buy tickets)
That’s the way we want to say „thank you“ to everyone!

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