Wanna be a Gordopac supporter?

Dear friends & fans of Gordopac! WE NEED YOU NOW!
We have a lot of new songs and stuff and we would like to record a new album so we can share our music with you guys! We only want the best quality for the music and so we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign at startnext.de !
If you like what we do and you want to help us to make our dream come true and record the new album then go to www.startnext.de/gordopac and support us! We have prepared a lot of „gimmicks“ and „thanks“ for you. Take a look at it and if you feel like – be a Gordopac supporter!
Thank you so much! You can be a part of a greeeeeeaaat and funky project!
It’s up to you!  Have a great time and stay gordopac(t)!

Here is the teaser video on youtube: